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Adelina Sotnikova, Russia, Figure Skating

This talented beauty has taken the Ice Skate world by storm, gaining medals in several world class competitions, winning the Russian Championship 4 times outright and capping it off by winning Gold at Sochi 2014… all at the tender age of 17… Many claim that Adelina will be the one to de-throne “Queen” Yuna!


Sarah Hendrickson, USA, Ski Jump

Sarah has the distinction of being the first woman to compete in the Ski Jump event at the Olympics! This young 19 year old from Salt Lake City, Utah stands proud for the US of A.



Elena Ilinykh, Russia, Ice Dancing

Winning Bronze for Ice Dance with her partner Nikita Katsalapov and Gold for the Team event, this 19 year old is off to an amazing career. Being in the shadow of teammate Adelina Sotnikova doesn’t help but it just might be the thing to keep out of the spotlight!

Alex Gough, Canada, Luge

What is it about Canadian women that makes them seem so down-to-earth and accessible? Like you could chat them up in a pub and it’d be relaxing and fun? Ms. Gough here just barely missed getting a medal in a tough match.

Ulla Zirne, Latvia, Luge

This Latvian cutie is only 18 years old and already representing her country at Sochi. The Luge is brutal – she placed 18th in women’s singles – and total, she only had a 4.9 second time differential off from Natalie Geisenberger, the gold medalist!

Arianne Jones, Cananda, Luge

Sochi is this beautiful Canadian’s Olympic debut! We love that she’s a hard working college student at the University of Calgary who also loves biking and the great outdoors. Watch the video below after the gallery to hear her speak – we can definitely hear the Canadian accent and Canada pride!

Martina Kocher, Switzerland, Luge

The luge seems like a super fun event, though I’m sure it’s much more difficult than it looks. Ms. Kocher has competed since 1999. She’s at Sochi now, having completed both Women’s Singles events.

Sochi games: the sounds of women’s curling [video]

We have to say: we certainly found this video very entertaining.  If you watch closely, you’ll see some of our favorite curlers, including Kaitlyn Lawes, Jennifer Jones and fan favorite Anna Sidorova screaming their hearts out. Who would have thought curling was such an intense sport? If you’re at work, you probably want to put some headphones on when you listen to this … and you probably want to watch somewhere alone to contain your laughing.

Now, if you don’t mind, we’ll be busy trying to figure out how to set this as our ringtones.

Hot snowboarder Valeriya Tsoy will have you rooting for Kazakhstan in the Sochi games

Valeriya, or Valerie as she sometimes refers to herself, will be making history as the first athlete from Kazakhstan to compete in snowboarding events at the Sochi winter games in 2014! She’s a total underdog, with her coach being her father, who taught her to snowboard at a young age. When she first started, she used her father’s equipment, which was four sizes too large for her. I don’t know about you guys, but when I hear this story, I can’t help but cheer for her.

We expect her to compete in parallel slalom and parallel giant slalom. Qualifications don’t start until February 19th, which is probably why you haven’t heard of her before. We love underdogs, and we wish this beautiful lady all the luck in her upcoming events!



The 10 most beautiful Russian women competing in Sochi

You guys loved our recent coverage of the most beautiful Norweigan women. If you thought we weren’t going to cover Russia, you were wrong. Russia came to Sochi with a mission: make sure people leave knowing that Russia has some of the most beautiful women in the world. They came to the games with something to prove, and brought their A-game, having many of their athletes participate in incredibly sexy lingerie shoots. So – without further adieu, we present to you our list of the 10 most beautiful women competing in Russia.

10. Elena Nikitina, Skeleton

If you don’t know what the skeleton is, watch this video. It’s freakin’ crazy!


[More Elena Nikitina pictures in our gallery]

9. Olga Zyablikova, Curling

Olga won’t be the last curling team member you see on our list, but she’s certainly not forgettable.


[More Olga Zyablikova pictures in our gallery]

8. Angelina Goncharenko, Ice Hockey

I would never have associated “hockey” with “beautiful girls” before Sochi. I do now.


[More Angelina Goncharenko pictures in our gallery]

7. Ekaterina Stoliarova, Freestyle Skiing

Seriously, mad props to the photographer. These are some sexy outfits!

Ekaterina Stolyarova_nude01

[More Ekaterina Stoliarova pictures in our gallery]

6. Alena Zavarzina, Snowboarding

We’ve mentioned Alena before in our list of hottest snowboarders, but she deserves a mention again. Something about the mix of the swimsuit and snow is too sexy for words.


[More pictures of Alena Zavarzina in our gallery]

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